Traditional Indigenous Medicine

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Curación tradicional
Doña Esperanza - Canelos

Tradicional healing / Doña Esperanza - Canelos

By “traditional indigenous medicine”, we mean all the body of knowledge and practices that are used to promote, maintain and recover health among Indigenous people. With the awareness that in many places and among many people traditional indigenous medicine has lost the strength it had in the past and tends to be forgotten, Sacha Warmi Centre’s objective is to support anybody wishing to promote its recovery, consolidation and renovation programmes among their people.

We believe that for a real intercultural dialogue to take place with western health institutions, it is necessary for indigenous people and communities to find ways of recovering and strengthening their own traditional health and medicine systems first. As some of the elders say: “We must put our own house in order”. There is the need to understand better the determining factors which lead to imbalances, and which solutions of recovery exist. The development of such processes is what we believe has the potential to also lead to a renovation process of traditional medicine in the contemporary world. In our opinion, it is not so much about introducing traditional medicine into the formal health system, but to look for ways in which both systems could be drawn closer, how they could better understand each other and cooperate with each other.

The training programme at Sacha Warmi Muskuy for intercultural health facilitators has, as one of its objectives, to help students recognize socio-cultural, ecological, and economic determinants causing the current health situation of their peoples. With the acquisition of a deeper and more critical approach toward these issues, they will be in a better position to help their people start reflecting, planning and designing their own proposals and programmes.
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Curando con piedras
Doña esperanza - Canelos

Healing with stones / Doña Esperanza - Canelos

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